General meeting of shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the supreme governing body of Moscow Exchange. General Meetings of Shareholders adopt resolutions on strategic issues. The scope of issues within the terms of reference of General Meetings of Shareholders is determined by the Federal Law on Joint-Stock Companies (No. 208-FZ dated 26 December 1995) and the Moscow Exchange Charter.

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) of Moscow Exchange was held on 25 April 2019. In addition to reviewing mandatory and routine issues, the AGM voted for resolutions on approval of a new version of the Charter and individual internal documents, as well as on participation of Moscow Exchange in the Financial Technology Development Association.

On 21 November 2019, an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Exchange was held, at which resolutions on early termination of powers of Revision Commission members elected by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 25 April 2019 were adopted. A new Revision Commission was elected.