Training and development

Training and development opportunities for employees include educational programs and tools for self-directed learning and development. The Exchange believes it is important that employees should take responsibility for their own professional development, and to support this provides advanced technologies, resources and additional opportunities. In 2019, 938 employees participated in educational programs and training sessions.

In 2019, MOEX focused on developing corporate competences, leadership skills and the necessary personal efficiency skills for employees to implement the Exchange’s strategic projects. Up to 67% of employees completed corporate trainings. In 2019, a new corporate school, the Personal Efficiency School, was opened, and 209 employees successfully completed training sessions. At Personal Efficiency School sessions, employees study influencing and persuasion techniques, systems thinking, and new approaches to and ways of generating unconventional and innovative ideas.

In autumn 2019, a management school was also launched, divided into two levels. At the first level, line managers study the basics of operational management, including how to set tasks for their direct reports, organize teamwork, motivate employees and ensure tasks are completed. The second level of the school is designed for mid-level managers who already have some experience. At this level, the objective is to help participants update and upgrade their management skills, to introduce new management techniques, and to improve skill levels in the use of some practical instruments.

At the beginning of September every year, MOEX runs a Week of Knowledge for the whole Group, which includes daily two-hour workshops on different topics with top speakers. During the week, 220 employees attended the workshops.

MOEX’s professional school is continuing its successful Internal Coaches project, as part of which Group employees run short workshops, training sessions and seminars, to promote knowledge-sharing among the company. In 2019, internal coaches ran 40 training sessions and 495 employees took part.

MOEX pays particular attention to efficiency management skills. Tools available to managers include results obtained through MOEX FeedBack, a continuous feedback resources. All managers also have the opportunity to assess managerial competences using 360-degree feedback and adjust development plans based on the resulting recommendations.