Corporate culture

A strategic priority for the Group is to build a corporate culture aimed at:

  • developing the most effective behavioural models that enable employees to achieve business goals;
  • increase employee engagement in delivering the Exchange’s strategy;
  • improve effective cooperation among employees (vertical, horizontal, cross-functional).

The Exchange’s values serve as a basis for strengthening corporate culture:

  • We are responsible for the company’s future;
  • We are developing and ready for changes;
  • We cooperate with clients;
  • We are open and honest.

In 2019, one of the Exchange’s corporate goals was to create and develop a compliance culture. In the coming years, embedding a compliance culture will be one of the main priorities within the development of the Group’s corporate culture.

To strengthen cross-functional cooperation, strategic sessions were organised for front-the front-office and divisions supporting business processes. In 2019, five strategic sessions were held for 160 employees.