Activities of the Supervisory Board in 2019

From 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019, the Supervisory Board held 23 meetings (including six in-person meetings).

Six meetings of the Supervisory Board were held prior to and 17 meetings after the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 25 April 2019.

Length of service on the Supervisory Board
Board members’ attendance at Meetings of the Supervisory Board
Full name Number of meetings attended % of meetings attended
Anatoly BRAVERMAN (member of the Supervisory Board until 25 April 2019) 6 100
Anatoly KARACHINSKY (member of the Supervisory Board until 25 April 2019) 6 100
Duncan PATERSON (member of the Supervisory Board until 25 April 2019) 6 100
Ilya BAKHTURIN (member of the Supervisory Board since 25 April 2019) 14 82
Paul A. BODART (member of the Supervisory Board since 25 April 2019) 15 88
Mikhail BRATANOV 23 100
Oleg VIYUGIN 23 100
Andrey GOLIKOV 23 100
Maria GORDON 23 100
Valery GOREGLYAD 22 96
Yury DENISOV 23 100
Dmitry EREMEEV (member of the Supervisory Board since 25 April 2019) 17 100
Bella ZLATKIS 23 100
Alexander IZOSIMOV 23 100
Rainer RIESS 23 100

Many issues on the agenda of Supervisory Board meetings are considered ahead of time by the relevant committees to allow for a more detailed discussion and to give voting recommendations to the Supervisory Board.

In 2019, the Supervisory Board considered issues relating to the performance of its main functions, including:

strategy issues:
  • approval of the strategy of the Group and new version of the Dividend Policy;
  • resolution on participation of Moscow Exchange in the Financial Technology Development Association
personnel issues:
  • election of Yury Denisov to the post of the Chairman of the Executive Board of Moscow Exchange;
  • preparation of recommendations to shareholders with regard to the membership of the Exchange’s Supervisory Board for election at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders;
business development issues:
  • review of fees on the Equity and Bond Market, deposit market and Derivatives Market; trading fees on the FX Market, and listing fees; approval of Regulations on Fees for Participation in Trading on the Equity and Bond Market and Deposit Market;
key documents of Moscow Exchange:
  • Rules of the organized trading on the Exchange’s markets, Listing Rules;
  • Rules of admission to organized trading on all markets;
risk management issues:
  • approval of the Operational Risk Management Policy;
  • approval of the rules on management of risks related to trading organizer activities, and Compliance Risk Management Principles;
  • approval of the method for defining benchmark indices of risk appetite;
  • approval of the list of measures aimed at prevention of conflicts of interest at carrying out activities on stock trading.