Social support

As part of the Group’s social policy to provide social security for its employees, Moscow Exchange provides social support and guarantees over and above the basic legal minimum. Corporate social support is provided in accordance with the Regulation on Employees’ Corporate Social Support approved by the Group’s executive bodies in 2016. Priorities for social support include health care, maternity and support for children. All Group companies provide voluntary health insurance schemes and international medical insurance for their employees, as well as travel insurance policies including accident and sickness insurance.

The Group has a standing Social Committee which can provide financial assistance to employees in the event of an accident or force majeure not covered by insurance schemes.

The Group also promotes healthy living, including specially arranged Health Days. Running, triathlon, indoor soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball and yachting clubs are arranged for employees. MOEX’s facilities have a gym and shower rooms, as well as bicycle parking facilities for those who cycle to work.

Corporate educational and entertainment clubs operating include MOEX Smart Club, MOEX Data Science, MOEX Walk, MOEX Kitchen and MOEX Dance. All of these measures contribute to the development of MOEX corporate culture and support employee welfare and health.