The Group places great emphasis on its social responsibilities in the form of charitable activities, which are carried out in accordance with the Policy approved by the MOEX Board on 6 September 2012.

A priority of the Group’s charitable activities is to provide financial support to long-term and socially significant projects via specialized foundations. The list of projects is approved every year by the Exchange’s Board based on recommendations from the Charity Policy Committee.

The Group’s charity activities focus on:

  • supporting children’s development, education and medical treatment;
  • providing assistance to victims of natural disasters;
  • providing support to veterans and elderly people.

The Exchange does not support organizations that discriminate based on sex, sexual orientation or nationality. Nor is the Exchange either directly nor indirectly involved in financing organizations that violate human rights or produce or distribute weapons of mass destruction. The Exchange also does not support projects that carry a risk of environmental pollution.

The Exchange works with several charity foundations with a proven track record, and distributes its charitable contributions between them. Working with non-commercial organizations as partners and as mediators guarantees that funds are used in a transparent way makes it possible to help a larger number of under-privileged people. In 2019, the Group’s charitable spending totaled RUB 24.2 mln.

The Exchange selects new projects and makes decisions to continue financing based on:

  • whether a project addresses a significant problem in Russian society;
  • whether its impact is measurable;
  • whether Moscow Exchange employees are able to participate in the project.

Support for Educational Programmes

In 2019, the Exchange allocated RUB 3 mln to support the Teacher for Russia Program as part of its work with the New Teacher Charitable Foundation for Education Support and Development, which it has supported since 2016. The Program is a social project that sends talented young people and graduates from leading universities to teach in public schools. The programme aims to improve access to good education for children from socially deprived areas, to raise the prestige of the teaching profession among the best graduates from Russian universities and get more talented teachers into the school system, to further the transformation ordinary public schools, and to introduce new educational formats and technologies. In 2019, the Exchange’s funding provided instructional and stipendiary support for 15 mathematics and economics teachers working in Tambov, Voronezh, Kaluga, and Novgorod Regions. In total, more than 170 teachers are involved in the program.

In 2019, the Exchange allocated RUB 4.2 mln to support the Nikitsky Club of scientists and entrepreneurs. The club is intended to be an interdisciplinary forum for members of the professional community with a broad social view to discuss critical issues facing Russia and help society identify the country’s interests and adequate policy responses to various issues.

In 2019, the NSD contributed RUB 500 thousand to pay the salary of a teacher of financial literacy at the Big Change Foundation, which provides social support for orphans before and after graduation. Orphans can be an easy target for fraudsters who want to deprive them of property and money given by the state. The NSD helps the Foundation to protect children and give them basic knowledge of handling money.

Aid for children

Since 2014, the Exchange has supported the Gift of Life Charitable Foundation, which specializes in helping children with cancer and other severe diseases. In 2019, the Exchange contributed RUB 3.5 mln to support the Foundation’s most important program, the Voluntary Donation Foundation Program, which encourages people to donate blood to hospitals.

In 2019, the NSD supported several charity foundations and volunteer organizations that support orphans and seriously ill children. These organizations provide the children with psychological and medical help, and take care of their education and creative development when relatives are unable to.

The NSD allocated RUB 470 thousand to the Sheredar Charity Foundation to support rehabilitation programs for 70 teenagers with cancer, as well as RUB 500 thousand to support the Meaningful Holidays Summer and Winter Sports and Health Programme for orphans organized by the Our Children Foundation. 18 children benefited from the programme during the summer, and 20 in winter.

The NSD supports in particular initiatives that help children in medical institutions. A contribution of RUB 300 thousand went towards the work of hospital groups organized by the Danilovtsy Volunteering Movement over six months. As part of the NSD’s support of the Wonderland Charity Foundation, RUB 450 thousand were allocated to purchase medicines, bandages and hi-tech deaf aids, and to pay for therapeutic courses for children.

The NSD also helps children who have been left without parental care. In 2019, RUB 276 thousand were contributed to the Elizavetinsky Orphanage to pay the salary of a junior correctional group career, and RUB 120 thousand went to the Udelninsky Out-of-School Work Centre to buy a multimedia studio and Lego.

Supporting Terminally Ill people and Their Families

To support the development of palliative care in Russia, the Exchange works with the Vera Charity Foundation, which assists more than 20 hospices in Moscow and various regions of Russia.

In 2019, the Exchange contributed RUB 3.5 mln towards providing financial, medical and social support for families of terminally ill children, hospices for children and adults and other medical organizations in regions providing palliative care, as well as the Moscow City Department of Health’s Multi-Disciplinary Palliative Care Centre.

In 2019, the NSD contributed RUB 569 thousand to the Mercy Charity Foundation’s Pediatric Mobile Palliative Service to pay the salaries of a neurologist, a pediatrician and a social worker for four months.

Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients

Since 2014, the Exchange has worked with the Association of Relatives of Stroke Patients Charity Foundation which is Russia’s first and only foundation for combating stroke. The aim of the cooperation is to raise awareness of how to prevent stroke, and to help stroke survivors get back to independent daily life.

In 2019, the Exchange contributed RUB 200 thousand to make a video highlighting the importance of quickly calling for first aid at the first sign of stroke. The video was widely shared on the Internet and was shown on Channel One, the main Russian state TV channel.

Support for Military Veterans and the Disabled

On the 74th anniversary of the end of World War II, the Group provided financial help to war veterans and the disabled, home-front workers, survivors of the siege of Leningrad and survivors of concentration camps. One-time payments totaling RUB 4.37 mln were received by 89 people.

In 2019, the NSD provided RUB 250 thousand in funding to the Duet Wheelchair Dance Club to support trips to the Dance and Parachute Festival and the Wheelchair Dance Sport Continents Cup, among other initiatives.

Corporate Volunteering

Group employees take part in charity activities by volunteering or making donations. Announcements of important social events are made via the Company’s daily email newsletter. Reports and photo reportage from charity events are published on the Corporate Charity page of the company’s intranet. Staff can also apply volunteer to participate in charity events and make donations through the intranet, and also publish announcements of other charity projects.

In 2019, MOEX offices hosted Donor Days with assistance from the Blood Service and Podari Zhizn Foundation. During this event, 138 employees gave blood, charity fairs were held, and fundraising campaigns to collect money for children with cancer were organized. In total, MOEX employees contributed more than RUB 100 thousand to support the activities of the Podari Zhizn Foundation.

In addition, employees organized the following initiatives:

  • collecting New Year’s gifts for the Happy Old Age Foundation;
  • collecting clothes and gifts for Odoyevsky Orphanage;
  • organizing a charity game to support an appeal by the Be Human Foundation;
  • purchasing 80 gifts for orphans undergoing treated at Kirovsk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.