HR Policy

The Exchange believes that employees who are effectively motivated to achieve business goals and bring innovative thinking to the company are the single most important factor in achieving the Group’s strategic goals. To ensure sustainable growth and enhance productivity, the Exchange relies on its employees’ creativity and diversity of experience, and fosters teamwork to achieve business goals and creating opportunities to improve our society.

The Exchange’s HR Policy aims to:

  • involve, motivate and retain highly qualified staff and managers;
  • support employees’ continuous professional development;
  • create an atmosphere that supports employees’ personal development and enables the Exchange to achieve best results and achieve its strategic goals.

In line with applicable regulation and the MOEX Business Ethics Code, the Exchange practices equality of opportunity. The Business Ethics Code enshrines adherence to principles of equality with regard to the observance of labor rights as well as non-discrimination based on sex; race; skin color; nationality; language; national origin; financial, marital, social, and employment status; age; place of residence; religious orientation; beliefs; or membership or non-membership of any non-governmental association or social group. The Exchange respects the cultures, opinions and lifestyle of all of its employees, and categorically opposes any actions that could contribute to the creation of a threatening, hostile, insulting or humiliating atmosphere.

The Business Ethics Code can be found on the Exchange’s internal portal, and adherence to its principles are mandated in all job descriptions and labor agreements with employees. As part of their induction programme, all employees are given the “New Employee’s Book”, which contains a section devoted to business ethics. In addition, the Group’s obligatory training system includes a course on business ethics. As part of the induction process for all new employees, topics related to business ethics, conflicts of interests and handling of insider and confidential information are covered by representatives of the Internal Control Service.

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